Naphavong hotel

Naphavong hotel in Laos provides for tourist all things they need when visiting Laos besides hotel. You can refer information in the main website such as things to do, places to see in Laos, the best foods, restaurants. Furthermore, the website also introduce to tourist Vietnam tours and Laos tours.


Now, let's with us discover the list of 9 famous destinations you should visit in this province.

Laos has created 20 National Protected Areas, which cover 14% of the country’s land area. Here are some of the best Lao's national parks tourists should visit.

Those with more time or a taste for an experience outside the city will enjoy a day trip to the surrounding province. Here are some best spots to venture outside of the capital.

With varied terrain and wonderful sceneries, Laos is a popular destination for people who like challenges. Here are the greatest spots for trekking in Laos.

Nam Et Phou Louey National Protected Area is located in Houaphan province, in North-East Laos.

Waterfalls are abundant throughout Laos. However no trip to this country is complete without seeing some of these spectacular streams of water falling over steep cliffs. Here are top 5 beautiful waterfalls you should visit in Laos.


Noodle soups are their own galaxy in Laos, where it's possible to eat a different kind of soup every day for a week without repeats. Here's a look at some of the most famous bowls.

Laos is famous for delicious meals made from rice. Here are top popular 5 rice meals recipes.

Lao food is one of the greatest and healthiest cuisines. The herbs (hot or spice) used are credited with preventative and curative properties. Here are some of the most well-known and delicious desserts that tourists should not miss while traveling Laos.

If you are in Luang Prabang, don't miss to try the vendors who set up food stalls in a small alley on the south end of the night market. Here are the best street foods in Luang Prabang you should try.
Laos Fresh fruits (P2)

Eating delicious fresh fruits is one of exciting experiences when travelling in Laos. The following is the next fresh fruits that you shouldn’t miss.
Laos Fresh fruits (P1)

Eating delicious fresh fruits is one of the great joys of travelling in Southeast Asia. Here’s some typical fresh fruits that you’ll find in Laos.


Laos culture is affected by Theravada that is reflected in national language, art and literature. Specially, this country’s culture is associated with the images of elephants that caused its name Million-Elephant country.

There are the next things that you should notice in Laos for your own safety, the preservation of the country and to respect the local people.

The Lao people have no problem with Lady Boys or public intoxication. They take a “live and let live” attitude toward most behavior. However, there are still several things you should never do in Laos.

Foreigners are always welcome in Buddhist temples, with caveats. Follow these next simple etiquette tips for visiting temples in Laos.

Follow this guide to temple etiquette to ensure a great visit.