Greatest spots for mountain trekking in Laos


With varied terrain and wonderful sceneries, Laos is a popular destination for people who like challenges. Here are the greatest spots for trekking in Laos.

>>Nam Et Phou Louey – one of largest protected area in Laos

Mount Phousi

Mount Phousi is considered as the most famous mountain in Laos. It is located 150m above the centre of Luang Prabang. Visitors usually spend a couple of hours for the ascent and descent with some stops to admire the charming views, the temples or rest under the shades of the trees. The Thanon Phousi staircase includes 355 paved zigzag steps and a few resting places on the way.

Trekking Mount Phousi (via Backpack & Bike)

It is said that moving up Mount Phousi on one side and going down on another will be a complete experience for climbers. Tourists can pray and make offerings at gilded Wat Chomsi at the peak of the hill. The locals believe that if you set a caged bird free, you will receive good luck as well as happiness in the future. Along the way up the hill, travellers have a chance to discover Wat Tham Phousi shrine containing a big-bellied Buddha and a golden reclining Buddha. Additionally, the hill is a popular site to watch sunrise or sunset over the Mekong River. From the summit you can enjoy the whole city, its many temples and the surrounding landscape to the mountains in the distance.

Pha Poak

Stunning Pha Poak Mountain (via Stephanie in Wanderland –

Pha Poak is a stunning mountain visitors should not miss. Because climbing Pha Poak is known as a worthy excursion and one of the most popular activities for people having a visit to Vang Vieng. This small limestone hill is situated at the west of the peaceful town. Travellers can see a Lao flag on the summit of the mountain from the western banks of the Nam Song. It takes about 30 minutes to climb from the base to the top of the hill. The steep path with sharp jagged rocks will make your trip more challenging and exciting. Along the way, the ladders constructed from bamboo and wood will help you climb more easily. All the views from the peak of the mountain are sensational including the spectacular 360 degree outlook cross the town of Vang Vieng and other impressive karst mountains.

Phangern Viewpoint

Phangern Mountain (via Yoga, Wine & Travel)

Another mountain in this area usually suggested for tourists is Phangern Viewpoint. From the centre of the town, visitors have to cross a toll wooden bridge and go to the west. On the way, travellers will feel that a variety of green rice fields surround you and only several tourist buses and herds of cows share a road with you. It is said that the hike only takes approximately 20 minutes in spite of unpaved steps. The hilltop is an ideal site to watch the sun felling below the ridges of the mountains or moving up from the horizon. Moreover, tourists have a entire view of the rice paddy valley and the location of the Blue Lagoon. Some local women’s stalls provide snacks and refreshments for visitors.

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